Every client and every project is different. So, whether you're looking to fill contract or permanent positions, we take the time to get the measure of your company, its wider context and what matters to you.

Only when we have fully understood and agreed the strategic objectives, do we establish the criteria for selecting candidates and the time-scales involved.

And we move fast. In many cases, we can source specialists with the skills you need from our own network. If required, we cast the net wider.

Our shortlisted candidates will all have been job-matched and interviewed to check that they are offering the necessary technical competence and soft skills. At the same time, we will confirm that they are right for your organisation, using psychometric evaluation, where appropriate, to help determine whether their personality and style of working is a good fit.

Case Study: CGN

Focussed on the development of clean energies such as nuclear power, nuclear fuel, wind and solar power. CGN signed an agreement with Electricité de France (EDF) to invest in the construction of nuclear power projects in the UK, to build Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power project, and promote the two follow-up projects Sizewell C (SZC) and Bradwell B (BRB). As CGN’s presence in the UK has grown, so have their recruitment requirements. In particular, they needed to find a number of personnel to work in their main offices.

Simpson Booth's role

To support CGN, we first had to understand the technical aspects of each role but also to understand the cultural requirements of the organisation and how it operates. This enabled us to be confident that we were sourcing the type of candidates who would be a good fit for their corporate culture. We then applied our recruitment methodology to select a suitable short list for the positions to be filled. The positions not only had the fundamental skills required for each role but some position holders also needed to speak Mandarin as there was an interface with the head office and some of the information transfer is in the Mandarin language. Once our shortlist had been produced the process to hire was executed very quickly because the preselection process was thorough and assisted CGN staff to come to a final selection.