Maintaining your own recruitment function can be time-consuming and expensive. In a market that's increasingly driven by social media, you may well lack the right software tools or process. It's a headache most companies can do without and we offer a range of tailored solutions that can cut costs, improve efficiency, enhance your reputation and de-risk the process, while still leaving you very much in charge.

This kind of relationship allows our people to gain a deeper insight into your business and a precise understanding of what your hiring managers actually need.

It also gives you access to our software solution which tracks every detail of the recruitment workflow. Fully auditable, this reduces your exposure to risk, helps protect your reputation and provides you with a database, an invaluable future recruitment tool which will remain yours.

The arrangement can be highly cost-effective. We remunerate (and incentivise) the people who are working on your behalf and the service can be scaled up or down as your requirements change. And, if the arrangement doesn’t suit you, you can terminate it at any time after your initial commitment period.

The key point is that you remain in charge at all times because our people report to you. At the same time, you are free to concentrate your time, attention and resources on your core business and the things that you do best.

How partnering with Simpson Booth works

Case Study: Premier Oil

The employment and engagement of a skilled, loyal and motivated workforce has always been vital to the success of Premier Oil. However, their HR team were not always able to devote the necessary resources to the significantly time-consuming and administratively burdensome task of recruitment. They also lacked the essential software, process and breadth of contacts to recruit the people the company were really looking for to service a number of projects and growth plans.

Simpson Booth's role

We provide Premier Oil with an outsourcing solution that is exactly tailored to their needs. Two full-time, highly experienced Simpson Booth recruiters are integrated with, and work alongside, the rest of Premier’s HR team. This arrangement gives the recruiters an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the company and allows them to build strong relationships with the hiring managers with the full support of the wider HR function. Our recruiters have their own extensive network of contacts to draw on but they are not limited to these. They also work in conjunction with other third-party companies on Premier Oil’s preferred supplier list who are also deployed to source suitable candidates. The stand-alone recruitment software that we provide tracks every stage of the recruitment workflow. As well as building an invaluable database for Premier, this also allows the back-office staff in our main offices to get up to speed quickly and easily if called upon to provide additional support.
"Simpson Booth were able to convince us that they could enhance and de-risk the recruitment process for Premier Oil. They have delivered on that promise by providing the software, process and people to bring efficiency and cost saving gains to us. In addition, their on-site team fitted seamlessly into our organisation and added value across the business.

Simpson Booth managed the staff, contract and third party supplied specialist recruitment services necessary in support of the business unit both onshore and offshore. They also provided the back office support to deliver a wider proven recruitment solution to our business. Over all we have found them to be very capable in the delivery of the outsourced service."
Lois Duncan
Human Resources Manager - North Sea, Premier Oil