Technology is currently one of the most dynamic industry sectors. Finding and retaining suitably qualified staff, especially in specialist areas such as cybersecurity, is an enormous challenge.

It’s a sector in which we have considerable experience. For one technology solutions company, we provided a complete outsourced recruitment and HR function. As well as recruiting everything from programmers and infrastructure specialists to staff for their software help desk, we provided them with an in-house HR consultancy which we estimate, cut their recruitment costs by around 30% and enabled considerable savings in time and resources.


Our proactive approach to sourcing people is particularly effective in a sector where the best candidates are not necessarily actively looking for a new position. Working in partnership with clients, we ensure that we have thoroughly understood any job specification before agreeing the areas from which to source candidates. Our state-of-the-art methodology then makes use of all appropriate channels, including social media, to actively seek out candidates to match the client’s brief. Unlike the more traditional and passive, advertisement-based approach, this has the advantage of delivering a shortlist that is not only suitably qualified but also highly motivated.