Ruby on Rails Developer

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Do you want to work in a pioneering company with an impact on society? Are you looking to boost your professional growth, being part of an emerging company?

You will be part of an international team whose goal is to get every single lab in the world using their lab operating system.

Do you want to participate? Keep reading!

Your mission: You will be responsible for developing new IoT business opportunities on a global scale, making an immediate impact on the company.

As Software Engineer… what will your contributions be?

  • Work in a small team of several other backend developers.
  • Decouple the Front-End from a classic Rails application and turning it into an API only application.
  • Write high-quality DRY code using the TDD principles
  • Review your colleagues work

What will make you succeed with us?

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Relational databases SQL (clever JOINS and subqueries whenever required)
  • TDD (with RSpec, MiniTest or Capybara)
  • Source Control with Git and GitLab with various flows

What benefits will they offer you?

  • A culture of support, oh helping each other and growing together.
  • Time and location flexibility: the office is based in London and the idea is to go to the office 2 days per week
  • Teammates: determination to get things done and the desire to improve and contribute to the best.
  • International team: they are a team of +-20 people where almost 50% are from different nationalities, you can hear at least 3-4 languages in our office so there’s a mix of cultures, opinions, and ideas to inspire each other and grow together.