Project Lead Engineer, Site Layout, Infrastructure and Connections



Simpson Booth is proud to support our client with the recruitment of an enthusiastic and collaborative System Administrator Manager. This is a full-time, permanent staff.

Our client is the clean and safe nuclear technology company, incorporated in 2021 and currently running a EUR300m equity raise. Its mission is to generate safe, clean, sustainable and inexhaustible energy for the world, through a radically innovative combination of existing, accessible technologies at competitive costs.

The company’s long-term vision is to build a new industrial standard in nuclear energy with the best possible choices in terms of safety and sustainability. Our focus is to build and design a new generation of Fast Reactors using lead as coolant (LFRs) allowing a substantial reduction of radioactive waste and a 100x more efficient use of fuel at competitive costs and incomparable safety. Our mid-term strategy is to establish MOX (Mixed Pu-U Oxides) manufacturing, for cost effective, cleaner, and virtually inexhaustible production of nuclear energy, burning the existing waste from the current nuclear industry and therefore with no need to mine additional fissile materials. Eventually we aim to build an ADS: a system coupling a subcritical core with a particle accelerator to implement a nuclear cascade, intrinsically safe thanks to the ability to stop the nuclear reaction immediately, by switching off the accelerator. The ADS will be developed also deploying innovative fuels, including thorium, a more abundant element, not requiring enrichment, that can be used in its natural form and won’t produce plutonium or other transuranic elements. The headquartered in London, with an international research and development centre in Turin, Italy, and a subsidiary in France. With over 100 nuclear physicists and engineers – our “energy innovators”, led by a senior team with 300+ years of Fast Reactorscollective experience, this company is building its first non-nuclear prototype in ENEA’s laboratory in Brasimone.

The opportunity

This role will assume responsibility for the management and technical delivery of site layout, infrastructure and utility/ grid connection aspects of the UK projects, initially focussing on the 30MWe prototype. You will work as part of a small technical project management team to initiate, coordinate and oversee the full project lifecycle from initial feasibility and concept design through to as-built drawings, acting as Intelligent Customer in close collaboration with the Design Authority. In the early stages, you will help to build the overall plan, shape the site specific design working closely with our expert designers and engineers at our R&D centre in Turin, develop an overall set of requirements and put in place the necessary contract arrangements with suppliers for the basic and detailed design and subsequently any equipment supply and construction contracts. You will work closely with all colleagues and key stakeholders to ensure the design is safe, affordable, consentable and meets all UK regulatory requirements.

Day-to-day duties

  • Project manage engineering and technical integration of the overall site layout, site infrastructure (temporary and permanent) and utility/ grid connection for the UK nuclear new build projects, starting with a 30MWe prototype, in line with our responsibilities as a prospective nuclear site license holder and intelligent customer duties and working in close collaboration with colleagues across both in the UK and overseas.
  • Lead for site layout/ infrastructure/ connections aspects of site feasibility studies, including identification of an appropriate cooling solution, ensuring relevant engineering and project development issues are identified and progressively resolved.
  • Support the preparation of an integrated plan for the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the UK projects, ensuring interfaces and key milestones are clearly identified and defined, work is broken down into unique work packages and resources are clearly identified.
  • Identify the contract technical requirements re: site layout/ infrastructure/ connections, working closely with the Design Authority and broader team.
  • Manage, influence, record and report progress of design and engineering work, ensuring that the UK regulatory requirements and expectations are met, contractual duties and obligations are fulfilled including any specified technical requirements.
  • Provide support to the safety case team in ensuring that design information and evidence is available when needed to meet the safety case schedule and that any regulatory issues are quickly addressed and resolved with the designers.
  • Work closely with commercial managers to ensure robust contract and supply chain management from the outset balance delivery, value for money and commercial risks.
  • Apply best practices in project management in line with the business processes and procedures, and ensure projects are delivered to time, cost, quality and without compromise to achieving world class safety, security and environmental outcomes.

Desired qualifications

  • Demonstrable success in a similar technical/ engineering project management role delivering complex UK power plant capital investment/ new build with project values in excess of £250M. Ideally in nuclear, although other power backgrounds considered.
  • Whole life-cycle experience is essential.
  • Extensive subject specific knowledge of power plant design, UK codes, standards, regulations and operational requirements.
  • Strong project and contract management skills.
  • High levels of motivation and commitment; Attention to detail.
  • Builds strong collaborative relationships with colleagues whist providing strong constructive challenge.
  • Master’s degree in a relevant engineering subject.